Sidhpeethas In Ashram

Siddha Peethas In Ashram Tour

Siddha Peethas In Ashram Tour

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Jagat Guru Ashram is located in the sacred city of Kankhal Haridwar road, Gandhi Marg, India. This is the most famous Siddha Peetha which was established by Jagat Guru Shriprakashanand ji maharaj in 1958. He also established temples of Goddess Rajradheshwari, Laxmi Narayan, Radha Govind and Goddess Kali within the ashram.

Many festivals are also celebrated in the ashram and the main festivals celebrated are Gur purnima, Sharad Purnima, Baisakh Purnima, and Maghi Purnima. The idyllic ambience at the ashram is the beautiful temples, separate area for meditation, beautiful gardens, library, ancient Rudraksha tree, floating stones from Ramayana Era, hospital for medication, Byre for bhandara, and opportunities to learn the intricacies of yogic sciences.

This ashram is built in order to preserve and secure sacred eternal duties towards god and humanity. In the beginning this holy place only contained Shiv Lingam of Siddheshwar Mahadev from Mahabharat Era, Swami ji's parn kuti and an archaic Peepal Trees.

The ashram also take many initiatives like - helping girls from poor families to get proper education and marriage in good families, providing houses and education to the poor and needy people, preservation of world peace and harmony by organizing various events world wide and many more.
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    Abhishek Kaushik

    Shri Jagat Guru Ashram

    Mayapur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

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